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Maize Seed

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HR Enterprises is the leading Maize Seed Exporters in Pakistan, we are one of the best maize seed dealers in Pakistan.

Maize being the highest yielding cereal crop in the world, is of significant importance for countries like Pakistan, where rapidly increasing population has already out stripped the available food supplies.

In Pakistan maize is third important cereal after wheat and rice. Maize accounts for 4.8% of the total cropped area and 3.5% of the value of agricultural output. It is planted on an estimated area of 0.9 million hectare with an annual production of 1.3 million tonnes. The bulk (97%) of the total production come from two major provinces, KPK, accounting for 57% of the total area and 68% of total production.

Maize Seed
Yellow Corn (Maize):

Yellow Maize corn is one of the major cereal grain after wheat and rice as it provides nutrition for both humans and animals and also used for the production of starch, oil, protein and food sweeteners. HR Enterprises takes pride in exporting the highest quality of Yellow Corn. coming out of Pakistan’s yield. Its demand has increased all over the world in recent days due to increase in consumption of meat as Maize Corn is also used to feed poultry animals for healthier growth.

Punjab contribute 38% acreage with 30% of total maize grain production. Very little maize 2-3% is produced in the province of Sindh and Balochistan. Though not included in Pakistan official statistics maize is an important crop of AJK with about 0.122 million hectare of maize being planted during kharif. Similarly a very growing and high yielding sector of maize, the spring maize area and production in Punjab is not accounted for , which covers around 0.070 million ha with about 050 million tonnes of maize grain being produced.

It is estimated that almost 40-50% of the Pakistan maize is consumed on farm, 15-20% is marketed locally and 40% sold in the organized wholesale market.

Use of Maize:
  • Food: Maize is a staple food in many cultures, consumed in various forms such as cornmeal, tortillas, popcorn, corn syrup, and corn oil. It provides essential nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Animal Feed: Maize is a primary component of livestock feed due to its high energy content and digestibility.
  • Industrial Applications: Maize is used in the production of biofuels (ethanol), biodegradable plastics, and various industrial products. Corn starch and corn oil are important derivatives used in food processing and manufacturing.
Specification Description
Scientific Name Zea mays
Common Name Maize, Corn
Seed Type Monocotyledon
Seed Color Varies (Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Purple, Black)
Seed Shape Round to oblong
Seed Size Approximately 6-12 mm long, 4-8 mm wide
Seed Weight Approximately 0.3-0.5 grams per seed
Germination Rate 85-95% under optimal conditions
Planting Depth 2.5-5 cm (1-2 inches)
Row Spacing 75-90 cm (30-36 inches)
Plant Spacing 20-30 cm (8-12 inches)
Optimal Soil pH 5.8-7.0
Optimal Soil Type Well-drained loamy soil
Water Requirements Moderate to high, consistent moisture needed
Temperature Range Germination: 10-30°C (50-86°F); Growth: 20-30°C (68-86°F)
Sunlight Requirements Full sun (at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily)
Time to Germination 5-10 days under optimal conditions
Days to Maturity 60-100 days depending on the variety and growing conditions
Yield Potential 5-10 tons per hectare depending on variety and management
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