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PK-385 Basmati Rice


PK-385 Basmati Rice

Premium Quality Long Grain

PK 385 Basmati Rice: The famously known type of basmati, PK 385 Basmati Rice is the variety that originates from selected regions of the province of Punjab since many decades, belonging to the unique quality of paddy. PK 385, from Pakistan is a traditional variety of rice that is grown from the mid of June to the end of June each year. Basmati PK 385 Rice is rather a dry grain.

The grains become long and separate when cooked having real aroma and delicious taste. The grain of PK 385 remarkably elongates to double its length on cooking

Basmati PK-385 rice is great for cuisines and generally priced at a slight discount in comparison to Super Kernel Basmati. It is savored by millions in Europe and the Middle East.

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ClassificationLong Grain
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